Feasibility Studies

The conceptual and preliminary steps taken on a project journey are by far the most important. Take time and care on the management of the feasibility studies and you will build a solid foundation from where to make those most important business decisions.     

What your hydrogen project could be, should be, and will be!

What is our - Pre-feasibility Study?



This study is an early-stage analysis of the project’s risks and potential. Conducted by our multi-disciplinary team, it is designed to give decision-makers the information they need to greenlight a full feasibility study.



Our study will determine if a concept satisfies your objectives and the technical, economic, social and environmental constraints on the project. The study will also provide a first assessment of the conditions and assumptions under which a set of solutions are feasible and will define if the project should advance to a full feasibility study and the cost implications and potential rewards.


The study will include:

  • Community impact assessment                 

  • Land suitability

  • Economic viability

  • Project risk assessment

  • Technology assessment

  • Off-taker assessment

  • Capital analysis

  • Market assessment



What is our - Full Feasibility Study?


Our feasibility study is an in-depth report covering many of the same areas as the pre-feasibility study but with more research analysis and will supply the information required when deciding if to advance to the FEED phase.


Building on the results and data from the pre-feasibility study, our full feasibility study executes a more accurate and in-depth analysis of those areas already examined but using greater resources to uncover unknown factors thus mitigating business and project risks. We research additional fields with the understanding the scope of the feasibility study will be under the client`s circumstances, business goals and project objectives.


The study will include the above in addition to:


  • EIA regulatory assessment  

  • Regional risk assessment

  • Supplier risk analysis

  • Technology feasibility analysis

  • Financial model assessment

  • Legal and regulatory analysis

  • CAPEX and OPEX analysis

  • ROI analysis







Feasibility Studies

The pre-feasibility and full feasibility studies can be ordered as independent pieces of work or as an integral part of the Transitioning Framework (HTSF) or Project Oversight Framework (IHPOF).

The extent of work and cost of each study will depend on the project scope; business industry, project size, required accuracy and the client’s economic objectives.


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Our hydrogen and clean energy feasibility studies are carried out for the private, public and social sectors, helping organisations establish a clear vision with measurable steps to successful completion. 


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