Hydrogen Transition Solution Framework


The last phase of the hydrogen transition life cycle is one of the most important. The completion and handover phase, confirming the transformation from polluting fossil fuel to emissions free hydrogen is exciting and rewarding for all involved.

"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual". Vince Lombardi

HTSF6 Completion

The project is nearing the final stages and the Hydrogen Transition Framework has eased the transformation to clean green hydrogen, helping create a successful outcome, delivering on the objectives and ensuring all stakeholders are satisfied with the end results. 


Key activities at this stage are; confirming contractors have completed the work for which they are responsible, gathering project records,  disseminating information, performing end of project risk assessments and completing a final project report. Before we perform a project closure, an update of resource assignments is carried out and agreed future maintenance schedules are confirmed.


Working with our stakeholders, we check project satisfaction, document outcomes and confirm the criteria for a successful `sign off` has been met.


Your organisation will now be zero emissions, experiencing the positive rewards green hydrogen delivers and helping create a cleaner world for us all.

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Hydrogen Vehicles

Are you thinking about transforming your fleet of polluting cars and vans to zero emissions clean green hydrogen ?. 

Hydrogen Transition Solution Framework
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Hydrogen Buses \ Coaches

Clean zero emission fleet options are now available for bus and coach operators. Contact us for further information.

Hydrogen Transition Solution Framework
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Hydrogen Power Generation

Latest technology in fuel cell hydrogen power generation means KW and MW applications for commercial & residential buildings   

Hydrogen Transition Solution Framework
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