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Hydrogen - The fuel of the future, the fuel of today!


As the world struggles to lower its carbon footprint and the people suffer from the polluted air they breathe a revolution in clean energy is required and green hydrogen is fast becoming the answer.


Hydrogen production can be categorised into three methods. Grey hydrogen - industrialised steam reforming using mainly natural gas producing carbon emissions. Blue hydrogen – Similar to grey but the carbon produced is captured and stored. Green hydrogen – mainly created through electrolysis using renewable electricity and produces no emissions.


The advancement of electrolysis (water splitting) technologies has created the opportunity for hydrogen to be produced using surplus or off-peak electricity then stored and used locally or where required, produced on a larger scale and transported.


Hydrogen storage usually means cooling to a liquid or pressurised and contained. Hydrogen has the advantage of not losing its charge over time, does not degrade and is very light, making it idea for transport and power backup systems.

H2Power Consultancy - Hydrogen Learning Portal
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