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Our hydrogen transition experts will oversee your project, making sure all the goals and objectives demanded are delivered successfully.  


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Independent Hydrogen Project Oversight Framework (IHPOF)

An effective hydrogen project requires meaningful oversight to maintain a smooth and successful transition to emission-free power. Our team delivers unrivaled expertise and industry knowledge, helping the project stay on the agreed road map, confirming management policies, standards and guidelines are adhered to.
Our skilled hydrogen transitioning professionals start by appraising the project, making sure it is well-planned, well-executed, tackling any early issues in a positive and constructive way and improving where necessary. This leads to smoother progress, improved communications across all stakeholders, and better transition completion outcomes.


The Independent Project Oversight Framework means a check on performance management of processes, people and plan effectiveness and is included in the Hydrogen Transition Solution Framework (HTSF).


What does the (IHPOF) do



  •  Appraise the project plan and road map        

  • Mitigate and manage risks using best industry practic

  • Troubleshoot and improve project communication across all stakeholders

  •  Provide expert competency to regulatory bodies

  • Monitor schedule, cost, and functionality performance

  • Ensure independent transparency of project status

  • Confirm value and effectiveness on completion


We Listen
We Listen

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Working within the private and public sectors, the IHPOF will help your transition to emissions-free hydrogen power advance smoothly, within budget and agreed timeframe.


Please email our hydrogen project oversight team with details and any questions.

Hydrogen Project Oversight
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